The National Board for Arabic and Islamic Studies (NBAIS) is the only recognized National body that conducts and monitors examinations for Arabic and Islamic schools in Nigeria. It is recently restructured to comply with the requirements of the National Policy on Education. One of the new units created ion the current structure is the department of Quality Assurance. This department undertakes issues of supervision and recognition of Arabic and Islamic schools throughout the Country. That is why the former document on recognition guidelines by the board has been revised to reflect the new demands for Quality this updated edition contains the guidelines and conditions for all schools seeking recognition with NBAIS.

A school that wishes to obtain recognition from the National Board for Arabic and Islamic Studies (NBAIS) shall apply to the Register. The application shall be accompanied by a detailed document containing the following.

  1. Historical background of the School, aims and objectives.
  2. An approval letter from the state of federal ministry of education for the establishment of the school.
  3. The school’s location and nature of site (Permanent Temporary including site plan or building plan).
  4. Source of Revenue (e.g. School fees, governmental funding, community. Gift, donations etc.
  5. Principal’s qualification and experience.
  6. Teaching qualifications and dispositions.
  7. Supporting Staff qualifications and dispositions.

Following the submission of an application for recognition by a school, the board through the department of Quality Assurance, shall constitute an inspection team to go on a pre-inspection visit to the school. The aim of the inspection is to enable to board identify:

  1. The location of the School.
  2. Asses the essential facilities/personnel necessary for take off.
  3. Advice on basic requirement for recognition.
  4. Provide Room for interaction between the Board and School.

After the advisory visit a school shall make all necessary preparations for full inspection with 3 months. It shall endeavor to provide all facilities and materials spelt out.

The (Full) recognition inspection shall follow the advisory visit. It is broad and in-depth as it would affect the entire structure of a school. After the advisory visit, a school can apply for full recognition as soon as it is able to meet the demand of the advisory visit and basic criteria for recognition. The full inspection shall follow after a stipulated time frame following the advisory visit.
A school that fails to obtain the required grade shall be subject to probation during which it shall Endeavour to meet the basic criteria for Recognition.
The period of probation is 3 Calendar Months after which the team shall return for re-assessment. Failure to meet the recognition criteria, after the reassessment, means sanctions as appropriate which include:

  1. Recommendation for re-structuring of the school.
  2. Non-Examination of school

During recognition Inspection Visit, the inspection Team shall asses the conditions of existing facilities and staffing as stated earlier.
The areas to be inspected and the requirement shall include the following:

  1. Letter of approval for the establishment of the school.
  2. Evidence of an existing functional education Committee
  3. Approved Syllabus
  4. Approved text books and other instructional facilities for teachers and students.
  5. Student’s records.
  6. Admission Register
  7. Student
  8. Exams Records
  9. Class Attendance Register
  10. Behavior Problem Register
  11. Black Book
  12. Staff Records.
  13. Staff file
  14. Staff movement book
  15. Summary of minutes of staff meeting.
  16. Lesson notes
  17. Duty Book
  18. Staff briefing record
  19. Staff instruction book
  20. Time book
  21. Other school Record
  22. Log Book
  23. Visitor book
  24. Cash book
  25. PTA Book
  26. School Diary
  27. Time Table/Period Analysis/Daily routine
  28. Mails Register
  29. Class rooms
  30. Functional school library
  31. Home economic Lab
  32. Science lab
  33. School farm
  34. Stores
  35. Utilities
  36. Water system
  37. Electrical system
  38. Toilet system
  39. Extra-curricular Activities
  40. Club/societies
  41. Games/Quiz Competition/excursions.
  42. Security
  43. Personnel
  44. Facilities
  45. Fencing of the school
  46. Fire extinguisher/sand buckets
  47. Other e.g.
  48. School Bus
  49. Water tanker

A school shall obtain provision subject to fulfilling all the requirements mentioned above. The inspectors shall grade the school to be eligible for provisional recognition. A school shall obtain a minimum of 5% to be eligible for provisional recognition. The inspection Team shall thereafter make a recommendation for recognition to the Board.

A full recognition shall be given to a school when the board if fully satisfied that the school has measured up to then standard of NBAIS.

A school shall be given the right to serve as an NBAIS Examination center after forwarding a request to the board and shall be subject to the following conditions.

  1. Obtaining NBAIS recognition
  2. Payment of examination center fee
  3. Having not more than 500 candidates
  4. Availability of venue that can accommodate the candidates conveniently during Examinations.
  5. Good record of Examination conduct.
  6. School with less population of candidate may come together under a center provided.
  7. They are not more than four schools.
  8. Number of Candidate must not exceed 500

By the new guideline satellite centers are essentially and categorically illegal. A school that wishes to serve as NBAIS examination center shall apply directly to the Board.

A school or center that fails to adhere to the Board guidelines as contained in this documents or any other extant regulations of the board shall have its recognition rights withdrawal by the board.

After an award of full recognition, the board through the Department of Quality Assurance shall ensure that the schools keep on the track in terms of Adequacy, Quality of staff, instruction and conducive environment for effective learning. This shall be achieved through regular inspection.

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