An Accredited Examination body that offers National exams in the SAISSCE, Tahfeez and Science Curriculum

About National Board for Arabic and Islamic Studies (NBAIS)

The National Board for Arabic and Islamic Studies (NBAIS) is the only supervisory and examining body that has been in charge of all Arabic and Islamic junior and senior secondary schools throughout Nigeria. It was established by the law no. 10 of the Sardauna of Nigeria in 1960. Sir Ahmadu Bello, then Sardauna of Sokoto initiated it. The Board was thus one of the important legacies of the Late Premier of Northern Nigeria. In order to move with changes which affect the Nigeria Education Sector, the Boiardo has embarked on the mainstreaming of the national basic education policy. To that effect, the board has registered the total number of 337 schools and colleges at both the junior and secondary level across the nation.

The Vision of NBAIS is to be at the frontline in realizing the ambition of the Federal Government of Nigeria in its programme for the full integration of western and Islamic Education, the promotion of Qur’anic schools and the Madrasah system of education in the country.

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